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Omega-3 Organic Fish Free


Omega-3 (with DHA) helps brain cells to communicate with each other. It is essential for good health and optimal growth. Unfortunately, our bodies can't produce omega-3 so it must be added to our diet. Eversea products provide you with organic omega-3 fatty acids (high DHA) everyday helping you and your family to achieve wellness.


Our product, values, and purpose are aligned. We believe in a bright life for all people AND the planet. Eversea’s unique organic certified ingredient Nanuq (pronounced Na-Nook) Omega-3 is produced without depleting the ocean. This means we can enhance your health while saving fish or krill. Also, a portion of our profits go to support the ocean and the environment.


Over a billion fish are harvested every year for the manufacture of 0mega-3 supplements, meanwhile fish get omega-3 from eating algae. By producing our product from algae, we can save millions of fish and eliminate any risk of ocean-based contamination. We also minimize the use of plastic and make our packaging as earth friendly as possible.

Do you ever ask yourself,

why organic?

Eversea's Omega-3 products are like no others available in the world. We believe your supplements should be as healthy as possible. That's why we make sure our products are free from solvents, chemicals or heavy industrial processing, meaning our supplements remain in their natural form so your bodies can best utilize them.

Nanuq for Business

Our unique and patented Nanuq Omega- 3 DHA is organic certified in the European Union and by the USDA. The powder can be used as ingredient and nutritious input for other products  

There’s a better way to get omega-3

A Way to Show You Care

Proud to Introduce

Eversea Organic Omega-3

Every Bottle Saves Fish

Fish and krill harvests for Omega-3 production are threatening our ocean's biodiversity by depleting the bottom of the food chain.


Produced without chemicals, solvents, and heavy processing, Eversea products are kept as natural and healthy as possible.

The Natural Form of Omega-3

Eversea's Omega-3 is in un-processed triglyceride form (TG) just like nature provides.

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

You can trust everything we put into our fruit drop. The only sweetness is from the dried fruit (over 80% of the drop), making a product serving equal to 1/3 (45 gm) of a cup of fresh fruit.

ALA (No Way!)

DHA & EPA (long chain Omega-3) can only be obtained from algae and ocean sources while ALA Omega-3 (short chain fatty acids) can be found in seeds/nuts but need to be converted into DHA for our cells to utilize them. Consuming DHA directly from Eversea products helps increase the level of these essential fatty acids in your body.

Suitable for Plant-Based Diets

Eversea is suitable for all, including people with fish or crustacean allergy, vegetarians, and vegans.


Organic certification in the EU and by USDA is your assurance of no GMO's.

We Use a Little Science to Bring You Nature

At Eversea we grow our Nanuq Omega-3 indoors in the controlled environment of sterilized stainless steel tanks to ensure your products are clean and free from numerous sources of contamination.

News & Articles

Why Plant-Based Diets?

There is no single food that can reduce the risk of having or cure a disease. But an overall better eating habit–plant-based diets–can be beneficial for physical and mental health conditions while lowering negative impacts…

Health Benefits of Omega-3 DHA for Adults

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid essential for brain development during pregnancy and early childhood. It is also linked to improved heart health, better vision, and reduced inflammatory response.

Why omega-3 DHA is so essential

DHA is one of the most important omega-3 fatty acids. Part of every cell in your body, DHA plays a vital role in your brain and is absolutely crucial during pregnancy and infancy.

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"Every cell in the body requires omega-3 to function normally. They are a class of fats, good fats that are actually as essential as vitamins to our health." 
- Dr. Andrew Stoll, author of The Omega-3 Connection.