About Us

Company & Principles

Company Overview

Based in Canada, Eversea is a biologic company specializing in innovative algae technologies. We are scientists, engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs, innovating together to advance the quality of human life and protect the natural environment at the same time.

Important Milestones

Formed in 2006, the company has been rigorously researching algae culture and expression, as well as primarily investing in natural processes to produce high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. In 2020, Eversea started the commercialization of natural and organic nutraceutical products.

Our Specialties

With extensive research and a proven record of achievements in the biologic field, we utilize the proprietary technologies to produce a variety of environmentally sustainable biological products, including omega-3 fatty acids for human nutrition and algae-derived health products.

Our Team

We have a very talented team of individuals who are committed to bringing you the very best (and healthiest) organic products available. We believe in the value of long chain (ocean based) omega-3 and we believe that supplements should be as healthy as possible. That's why we made sure our products were produced without solvents and contained no glyphosate or chemicals – years of work were spent becoming experts at only using organic nutrients to grow high omega-3 algae. We did it because we want the best for children, ourselves and for you, our customers! Please enjoy our products with confidence and the knowledge that Eversea's omega-3 products are like no others available in the world.

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Our Values

Support our purpose and guide us in all that we do.


We will consistently strive to minimize environmental pollutants and our carbon footprint as well as actively support and promote environmental initiatives. A portion of our profits will be contributed towards ocean protection.


Eversea supports the entrepreneurial spirit inside and outside our company. We recognize and nurture innovation as we believe it’s the lifeblood of continuous improvement. Our portfolio of international patents demonstrates our ability to create groundbreaking accomplishment.


Eversea embrace and excercise 5R principles, zero-waste lifestyle, and plastic reduction. From vision to action, our products are packaged with recyclable glass bottles and metal caps.


At Eversea, the customer is our focus and priority; we commit to exceed their needs and wants with health-enhancing products.


We welcome and respect all people and embrace diversity. We appreciate the strength that difference brings to our company and society.

Global Collaboration

We comply with the UN Global Compact and act towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in a bright life. But the less than bright reality is that our oceans are in danger due to unsustainable fishing, water contamination, and plastic pollution. Guided by the mission to advance people's health without compromising the natural resouces and ecosystems, we consistently strive to innovate more sustainable solutions which are beneficial for you, the next generations, and the planet.