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Eversea America Signs Agreement to enter Chinese Organic Market with OrgHive

Eversea has signed sales and promotional agreements for its plant-based certified organic Omega-3 DHA with OrgHive, China’s leading digital marketing and e-commerce platform dedicated to organic consumers.

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Eating dried fruit linked to better overall diet and health

Dried fruit offers several advantages over fresh fruit in terms of cost, availability, and ease of storage and transport. It could also replace more unhealthful snack food that is high in sugar, salt, and saturated fat.


Omega-3 Helps Heart Patients Live At Least 3 Years Longer

A new study by the American College of Cardiology has found that eating foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids leads patients to live at least 3 years longer than those who didn’t eat those heart-healthy foods after such an event.

Press Release

Eversea and Canada’s Smartest Kitchen to Develop Plant Based Seafood Product

Eversea Inc., has entered into a contractual agreement with Canada’s Smartest Kitchen to develop a formulation for a nutritional-enhancing ingredient based on Eversea’s patented organic DHA powder. This mixture can be used by companies who are producing plant-based seafoods which require Omega-3s to compete in the fish and shellfish marketplace.


Why Organic Matters?

Normally, organic products might cost more (ranging from 10% to 50%) than conventional products in the same category. What is the reason behind the cost difference and are organic products better for you?


These Supplements May Help Reducing Risk of Contracting COVID-19

There is no concrete evidence that taking supplements might help patients to fight against the pandemic; however, it is reasonable to say that a healthy lifestyle and strong immunity functions would be beneficial for all people. And there are certain types of supplements that would be more helpful than the others.

Press Release

Eversea Signs Agreement for Brazil

Eversea has signed an agreement with MRF Associates Inc. to represent the company in Brazil. Under the agreement, MRF will use its extensive background and relationships to introduce Eversea Organic Omega-3 products and ingredients into the Brazil marketplace.


The Difference between DHA, EPA and ALA

In a nutshell, the most important omega-3s are EPA and DHA. If you can’t eat fish or don’t like fish, an omega-3 supplement is an equivalent alternative. Algae-based supplements are an option if you are a vegetarian or allergic to seafood.


What Does Omega-3 Mean for Your Heart?

Two fatty acids DHA and EPA are compositions of red blood cells indicating health and nutritional status. DHA & EPA are associated with cardio protective effects so their levels in your blood are correlated with the incidence of cardiovascular events. Higher DHA+EPA levels link to the protective coronary heart disease (CHD) biomarkers while lower DHA+EPA levels associate with cardiovascular risk factors.

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