Eversea and Canada’s Smartest Kitchen to Develop Plant Based Seafood Product

Eversea is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Eversea Inc., has entered into a contractual agreement with Canada’s Smartest Kitchen to develop a formulation for a nutritional-enhancing ingredient based on Eversea’s patented organic DHA powder. This mixture can be used by companies who are producing plant-based seafoods which require Omega-3s to compete in the fish and shellfish marketplace. Canada’s Smartest Kitchen’s expertise in food science, ingredients and flavours makes it the perfect partner to help develop this new product(s).  

Gerri Greenham (CEO) comments: This is an exciting opportunity for the company, to use its unique and patented organic Omega-3 ingredient for the plant-based fish and meat industry, as consumers of plant-based seafood are looking for a healthy, environmentally-friendly product.  Eversea has developed a fish-free, algae-based organic Omega-3 that has been certified organic by the EU and USDA. The product does not contain any chemicals, and it has received Glyphosate Residue Free certification from The Detox Project.



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