Eversea Signs Agreement for Brazil

Eversea announces that it has signed an agreement with MRF Associates Inc. to represent the Company in Brazil. Under the agreement MRF will use its extensive background and relationships to introduce Eversea Organic Omega-3 products and ingredients into the Brazil marketplace.

MRF Associates Inc., (Principal, Dr. Michael Farley) has been working Brazil healthcare markets since 2003. In the natural products space, he advised Atrium Innovations (now Nestle) on market entry for several major brands, organized registration, distribution and clinical studies for an animal feed nutraceutical and is currently assisting a Sao Paulo supplement manufacturer to source full spectrum CBD oil tinctures. MRF is invested in a wellness clinic in Belo Horizonte focused on alternative treatments for chronic pain. In the 1990s Michael managed investment programs at the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department and was appointed Consul and Trade Commissioner in Milan, Italy. He holds a PhD in the Philosophy of Science from the Universite de Montreal (1986).

Brazil (pop. 214 million) is the world’s 4th largest agriculture producer and a major market for plant based organics. 70 million Millennials (50% of the workforce) are driving demand for these products. 2019 data released by the Ministerio da Agricultura (MAPA) reports $US 1 B+ in revenues for organic products growing at 15 % per annum.

Consumer awareness for Omega-3 products is high, with products offerings in supplement, functional food, natural product, vegan and wellness verticals. USDA organic imports are widely available in retail and online channels. “Brazil has a long tradition of plant derived health products and drugs, and is a significant market opportunity for SVS nutraceuticals”, says MRF. “We are looking forward to introducing the only certified organic Omega-3 to distributers and manufacturers in all verticals and growing market share effectively and rapidly”.

There is growing awareness among consumers for natural Omega-3 products free of production related chemicals, solvents, heavy metals and pollution as experienced in the baby food market. Organic marketers recognize the value of ocean plant-based, contaminant free production as a competitive advantage. The versatility of the patented ingredient has enabled the Company to demonstrate various organic Omega-3 products can be integrated into existing marketing channels. Moreover, in terms of intellectual property protection, the IP has been described as a rare commodity in this growing market segment.

Eversea produces “clean label” products to satisfy demand for premium plant-based, organic Omega-3 health products. The company also offers manufacturers and retailers “private” and “white” label brands featuring our highly bioavailable Omega-3 ingredient. Market research shows strong demand for the product’s unique characteristics, particularly among consumers focused on organic and vegan diets. The Company’s patented Omega-3 active ingredient has been granted a FDA NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) and is USDA Organic and EU Organic Certified.



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