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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Eversea’s products certified organic?

    Yes, Eversea has received both USDA and EU organic certification.

  • What does organic mean?
    Organic products are Non-GMO and produced without chemicals or irradiation. Organically farmed products are produced without man-made fertilizers, pesticides and/or herbicides. The facilities producing or processing organic products also will be chemical free, including pest control, and only organic-approved cleaning materials are allowed. There is debate about the levels of nutrition when conventional and organic are compared, but we believe this is a false argument. Organic is more about what you don’t get in your food or supplement – you don’t get chemicals and you don’t get GMOs.
  • Choking hazard
    If children swallow our fruit drops by mistake, there is clearly a choking hazard in small children. Most of the gummies on the market (not fruit-based) have to be thoroughly chewed to get the full benefit and should not be swallowed on purpose.
  • Age minimum for use by children
    We do not recommend that children less than 2 years old use our products.
  • Combining Lovaza and Eversea’s products
    If your doctor prescribed Lovaza for your high cholesterol, please do not take Eversea’s products and follow your doctor’s recommendation(s) carefully. Lovaza and their generic equivalents are high doses of highly processed and concentrated fish oil to deliver DHA and EPA. Even though our products deliver DHA and EPA Omega-3, you should not be exceeding your prescription dose.
  • The difference between DHA, EPA and ALA omega-3s
    ALA, which is found in terrestrial plants, is a type of Omega-3 that is not in a form that your body can efficiently use. What we mean is that your system has to convert all land-based (short molecular chain) Omega-3 to long chain ocean/marine based Omega-3 (DHA & EPA)  for it to be bioavailable. This process is quite inefficient. We would also note that you are unable to digest any flax seed that is swallowed whole so ground flax is preferable. We estimate that it would take 8 tablespoons of ground flax to match the bioavailability of 300mg of DHA, assuming that you convert at an average rate. Put another way, DHA is around 20 times more bioavailable than ALA, so it’s highly recommended to use an algae-based oil. We sure would appreciate it if you buy our products,but if you choose not to,we strongly suggest you take algae oil daily. It’s for your health! You cannot solely rely on ALA – hemp, chia, nuts and or Flax.
  • Are there products for adults and/or during pregnancy?
    We will soon launch for adults and are working on a maternity/breastfeeding product. If you would like to be one of the first to know, please sign up for our email updates on this website.
  • What is the small sachet in the bottle?
    The sachet is an oxygen absorber. We add it to ensure that the omega oil is protected from oxidation. The oxygen absorbers remain effective for quite a while, so unless it bothers you, we suggest that you keep it in the bottle.
  • Are there any other flavors available?
    Our drops come in Zing Fruit and Pombeary. Our Pombeary is sweeter and Zing Fruit has a little more zest. Both are delicious!
  • Should we be concerned if two servings (or more than the recommended dosage) have been given to our child by mistake?
    Eversea’s Nanuq Omega 3 ingredient has received FDA NDI status (New Dietary Ingredient). During this process, we submitted the following table of recommended doses. Even though it's very difficult to overdose on Omega-3, we strongly suggest not exceeding these levels without a doctor's recommendation. Dosage
  • Can I buy Eversea products in any retail store?
    We are just starting to sell our products, so we are not in retail stores as of yet. We will soon offer Nanuq Omega 3 to food processors, so if you see our cute mascot on their packaging, you are assured of our quality. Remember, you should always “Look for Nanuq!”
  • Are Eversea products vegetarian or vegan-friendly?
    Eversea products are made from algae, which means they are totally plant-based and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
  • Is it safe to take my product if it has been left open on the counter overnight/for a few hours?
    Yes, but prolonged exposure to air and heat will affect the taste. To ensure your fruit drops stay fresh, we recommend keep them refrigerated.
  • Where do the flavours come from? Are they natural flavours?
    The zing in “Zing Fruit” comes from a tiny amount of orange oil. For kids, that is like a bit of zestiness. Our soon to be launched, “Pombeary” has only organic certified flavours as well.
  • After opening the bottle, how long can it be used?
    We recommend that all our products be refrigerated and used daily after opening. There is no great rush, but the best approach is to take the doses daily after opening.
  • What is the equivalency of the product to fruit serving?
    Every serving of the fruit drops is equal to 45 grams of apple.
  • What is the powder coating on the fruit drop? Is that sugar?
    There is no sugar added to our fruit drops. The powder coating on the outside of the fruit drop is organic rice flour. We use this to prevent the drops from sticking together. The only sweetness comes from the concentrated fruit.
  • What type of Omega-3 fatty acids are in Eversea products?
    Nanuq Omega-3 Is a natural TG (triglyceride), meaning the Omega-3 is the same form as found in ocean algae.
  • Where are Eversea's products made?
    Our fruit drops are produced in Germany, and the Nanuq Omega 3 ingredient is also grown in Germany. Both have been certified as organic by the EU. The drops are packaged in California.
  • What does organic certification mean?
    Eversea worked with QAI (Quality Assurance Institute), an American company that is designated as an organic certifier by the USDA. They confirm that all our processes are well-controlled and our ingredients (and any facilities) we use have been certified as organic.