Omega-3 Benefits

Essential Fats

Omega-3 is essential fats that the body can’t make from scratch but must be added to our diet

Support Brain functions

DHA is structural components of neurons in the brain, helping cell membranes to communicate with each other

Enhance immune system

EPA produces signaling molecules called eicosanoids which play numerous physiological roles and reduce inflammation

Support cardiovascular health

DHA & EPA are associated with cardio-protective effects so lower levels in the blood are correlated with more cardiovascular risk factors

Beneficial for eyes

DHA is found in abundance in the retina so its existence is important for proper development of retina functions

Cognitive functions

Higher levels of omega-3, DHA in particular, are associated with better reading and memory and advanced drawings in children

Suitable for all

Algae-based omega-3 is suitable for all, including people with fish or crustacean allergy, vegetarians, and vegan

Save the ocean

Producing omega-3 from algae saves millions of fish and krill and eliminate any risk of ocean-based contamination

Clean and natural

Eversea products are organic-certified and in un-processed triglyceride form (TG) just like nature provides