Our patented Nanuq ingredient is the world’s first ocean-based Omega-3 (DHA) that is organic. It is certified in the EU and by the USDA. 

Meet Nanuq, our logo that certifies your Omega-3 is organic.  

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Nanuq Omega 3 100

Look for Nanuq!

Nanuq (pronounced Na-Nook) the bear is our mascot and his presence on the package is your assurance of the world's only organic DHA omega-3.

Highest Quality Assurance

Nanuq is grown indoors in sterilized stainless steel to protect the product from environmental contamination. It is free from GMO's, mercury, PCB, solvents, and other heavy metals. Nanuq is delivered to you in the healthiest condition possible.


The great majority of ocean-based omega-3 on the market comes from animal sources. These fish and krill are the foundation and critical to the ocean food chain. Nanuq Omega-3 is a sustainable alternative that also helps protect our marine ecosystem.

Product Compatibility

Nanuq Omega-3 is in the powder form which can be used and compatible with various product types, giving our ingredient a high level of flexibility and utilization.

Gentle Process

Most omega-3 is highly processed with solvent extraction and molecular distillation, which may destroy the quality of the oil. At Eversea, we strive to protect the delicate omega-3 so the product remains in its natural effective triglyceride (TG) form.

For All Customers

Nanuq fish-free Omega-3 is made of algae. The ingredient is suitable for everyone. Specifically it's safe for those with fish or crustacean allergies,. It's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our Nanuq logo appears on omega-3 products to confirm they are truly organic.

Check your health products, your food labels, and your nutraceuticals for the Nanuq logo. If the bear is not there, it’s not organic Nanuq Omega 3. LOOK for NANUQ!

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